Making light work of parking


Highlight Parking continually strive to push the boundaries of technology to further the advancements in our automated and integrated parking systems. Our portfolio of products provides world class solutions, across all sectors, to a growing network of MSCP operators.

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Parking

After 2 years of development, our A.I. Bay Monitoring solution is the next big thing in parking control and analysis, with numerous optional add-ons ready to be utilised to maximise the efficiency and profitability of car parks across all sectors.

Parking Bay Monitoring

Our awards-winning Highlight bay monitoring systems have been designed to assist motorists by taking the frustration out of finding a car parking space and to improve efficiency and profitability for MSCP operators.

Baywatch® Car Finder

Quickly and easily locate vehicles using our unique Baywatch® Car Finder system. Touchscreen kiosks throughout the car park show a live image of your vehicle and the route to the precise level and bay where it is parked.

Parking Signage

Update customers with real-time parking and /or traffic information with our external signage monoliths. Dynamic, networked VMS signage provides live information detailing the current occupancy status of parking spaces, level by level, for the whole car park. They can even be programmed to provide customers with live traffic information.

Solar Parking Bays

External and outside car parks can now utilise our solar powered covered bay solution, which have a triple benefit, including Bay Monitoring. These external parking areas have long been excluded from parking technology, unlike MSCP’s, but can now have the same functionality, monitoring and coverage as internal parking, for the benefit of customers and operators alike.

Parking Software

Our bespoke back-office software acts as the control hub for our Bay Monitoring and Baywatch Systems. It provides system operators with live monitoring, analysis, operational status, historical data and administration of the entire system.