Bringing the indoors, outdoors

Solar Powered Parking Bays

Our Solar Solution will finally enable you as a car park operator, to have the full spectrum of parking technology, insight and overview, hitherto only experienced by Internal and Multi-Storey car park operators.

Harness the Sun, Power your Operation

Outside parking areas have long been the forgotten cousin of the parking industry in terms of technology and development, but our revolutionary parking structures will transform how you operate your car park, as well as proving hugely beneficial to your customers. Using Solar energy is nothing new, but our application is. With the focus on parking management, and EV-Charging, these installations will overhaul the efficiency and productivity of your existing operation.

1 Solution – 3 Instant Wins

Bay Monitoring & Baywatch

All the benefits of our existing Bay Monitoring and Bay Location solutions can now be utilised in your outdoor environment. Customers can park with ease, guided by the strategically placed VMS signage and the ultra-bright 360° occupancy status lights above each space.
Our Baywatch Kiosks will direct your customers to their cars if they’ve forgotten where they parked.

EV – Car Charging

With an ever increasing emphasis on climate change and switching over to electric cars, the need to provide EV Charging points is paramount. Powered by the Solar arrays, and stored power, these can be installed at any location throughout the car park, depending on the needs of the Operator.

Smart Lighting

Outdoor areas need lighting. Customer Smart LED lighting can be installed under the structures providing safety and security for your customers. These will go into a low light level mode to reduce power consumption, until movement is detected, at which point they will turn on fully for a set time. Again, these will be powered by the solar and stored power infrastructure.

Operator Advantages

  • Full Bay Monitoring and Baywatch capabilities
  • EV Car Charging Bays – Installed wherever the client requires
  • Customer lighting powered by the solar stored energy
  • Multiple VMS Displays, as per the requirements of the car park
  • Smart Lighting for all areas
  • Fully integrated with our Back Office Management Suite
  • Full remote and on-site support from our Technical Team
  • Live Video – Increased security using any bay positioned camera
  • Live Traffic congestion alerts
  • Cloud based system management access from any browser
  • All components easily replaced or repaired if faults occur
  • Fully scaleable

Consumer Advantages

  • EV-Charging bays for customers with e-Cars
  • Bay Monitoring in an outside car park
  • Covered outside bays
  • Full Baywatch functionality
  • VMS Guidance and Information
  • Full video and security coverage
  • Smart Lighting
  • Baywatch Smartphone App available for customers
  • Secure Park – Electronically ‘Secure’ cars

Highlight & Solar Integration

You can now experience the full parking solution that we install in our internal car parks, in your outside parking facility. This includes all software and hardware technologies.

As with all our installations, different zones such as Disabled / Parent & Toddler / Electric Car etc, can be set up to maximise the potential of your car park. We can colour code our LEDs to differentiate between these zones, and change them quickly and easily if areas are re-designated following installation.

Net-Zero Aware

EV Car Charging points at any bay(s).

Vehicle Monitoring Technology

Bay Monitoring and Baywatch solutions for each and every bay, Baywatch Kiosks can be placed anywhere throughout the car park

Smart LED Lighting

Energy Efficient Lighting that goes into low-power mode when no movement detected

Solar Powered

Powers all the parking systems, and promotes your company’s green credentials

Live Monitoring & Reporting

Our software shows live updates, produces historical data and analysis trends, all with an SLA-backed response for any issues

Proven Revenue Increases

Highlight installations have been shown to deliver increases in revenues and profits for operating companies of more than 6%.