Bespoke software to fully monitoring, administer and report on your Highlight installation

Parking Software

Our proprietary software is the backbone of any of our installations. Fully customisable, it provides total administration of the system, allows the operator to create customer VMS messages, and compiles detailed reporting for any length of time.

Cloud Control

Our interactive web based backoffice GUI provides a full live system operational overview, showing occupancy status, space count, VMS status, traffic flow, Baywatch® integration (if installed) and system status/errors. Our engineers will create level by level floor plans to graphically represent the entire MSCP, which can be interactively accessed for operational features such as Secure Park, Bay Closure(s) and Administration Mode.

Using secure web protocols, and if required, the customer can also access the live environment from any web based PC, which handshakes well with built in remote support functionality, enabling our team to maintain, update and support.

Software Center

From the comfort of your MSCP office, you will have complete control over all aspects of the Bay Monitoring and Baywatch installation. We have designed our back office software to be completely customisable and modular, which gives you, the operator, the option to add any further features you feel might benefit your installation. Likewise, we will contact you with proposed updates, improvements and features which we have developed that could be beneficial.

To suit the needs of the operator, the system can be used to close or open any area of the car park, as well creating custom VMS messages from traffic congestion to retail promotions for example.

Back office Benefits

Being the hub of the installation, our back office software pulls no punches, and provides a fully operational central control platform for the entire infrastructure

Fully Customisable

Our engineers will work with you to create the back office software built to your requirements

Full Training

Before go live, we provide full training, with documentation, and offer ongoing telephone and email support.

Modular Software

Any additional features that you require can be programmed and updated

Remote Capabilities

Our web based solution, means we can update remotely and offer instant support