Using the latest Optical and Ultrasonic technology to make light work of parking

Parking Bay Monitoring

Our Bay Monitoring Systems have been designed and developed to assist motorists by taking the difficulty and frustration out of finding a car parking space, as well as improving the efficiency and profitability for the MSCP operators.

Our Unique System

Simultaneously using video and infrared optics, our system has been designed to be installed as a single unit either over the middle of the roadway, or over the bays, or, with the light and camera units separated, enabling the camera to be over the roadway with the lights over the bays or vice versa.

This system is ideally suited to any medium (500+ spaces) to large (2000+ spaces) sized car parks.

Our Technology

We use a super-bright LED cluster with 360° visibility, giving motorists clear views of available spaces. The LEDs have a lifespan of 60k hours with a very low energy consumption of 1.2W.

With all car parks, there can be requirements for different zones, such as Disabled or Parent & Toddler spaces etc. We can colour code our LEDs to differentiate between them, and change them quickly and easily if areas are redesignated following installation.

Operator Advantages

  • Fully integrated with our Back Office Management Suite
  • Full remote and on-site support from our Technical Team
  • Live Video – Increased security via any optical unit in the car park
  • Live Traffic – Internal and External car park congestion alert, enabling instant response and reaction
  • Cloud based system management access from any browser
  • All components easily replaced or repaired if faults occur
  • Fully scaleable

Consumer Advantages

  • Full Baywatch functionality with terminals located at any desired locations
  • Multiple VMS Displays, as per the requirements of the car park
  • Baywatch Smartphone App available for customers
  • Secure Park – Electronically ‘Secure’ cars
  • All components easily replaced or repaired if faults occur

Benefits of Highlight Bay Monitoring

Highlight offers a fully customised solution together with our bespoke monitoring software, with everything tailored to suit the needs of any car park across all business sectors.


Ease of use, simplicity in finding a space, and a reduction in emissions, all promotes a positive experience for customers.

Encourages Customer Loyalty

Customers favour car parks with Highlight installed as the stress of finding a space is removed, encouraging repeat visits.

Improved Perception

Highlight installations noticeably increase the prestige of a venue, pulling in customers from nearby car parks.

Improved Efficiency

Our systems increase bay occupancy, ensuring full space-utilisation at all times and monitoring of vehicles whilst parked and in transit.

Live Monitoring & Reporting

Our software shows live updates, produces historical data and analysis trends, all with an SLA-backed response for any issues

Proven Revenue Increases

Highlight installations have been shown to deliver increases in revenues and profits for operating companies of more than 6%.