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VMS for all needs

Park Signage

The more information provided to a driver looking for a space, the quicker they park, and ultimately, the greater the parking turnover. Our fully networked LED VMS solutions provide this information both internally and externally.

Real Time Data

Working in tandem with the initial brief and during a site survey, our engineers will recommend the best placement for the LED signage in order to maximise the impact and information delivered to your customers.

In addition, our external multi display monolith signs give a full MSCP space overview (multi-MSCP’s if applicable), allowing drivers to make an instant decision on where to park, as well as providing traffic reports, weather update, advertising etc.

Fully Networked

All the signage we install is fully integrated into our Backoffice system, allowing instant live space count data to be displayed throughout the MSCP. All our VMS are network based, and in the case of external monolith signs, we use RF Technology, with instant updates from our back office servers.


We provide fully customised signs in terms of size, character height, text colour and wording. Our team with liaise with the MSCP operators for each project to talk through the requirements and recommend VMS placement along with the configurable options.

Benefits of Parking Signage

Whilst our Bay Monitoring Solution is a huge benefit to any MSCP, it wouldn’t be complete without LED message boards throughout the car park

Eases Congestion

Improved traffic flow within the car park – VMS combines with Bay Monitoring to give a full MSCP overview, enabling faster decision making

Car Park Overview

A Master Sign at the entrance provides live space information of the entire car park on a floor by floor basis

Message Customisation

Messages regarding local traffic congestion, or any information the operator wishes to relay to the motorists, can be shown on certain signs, using the manual back office override feature

Modular Installation

There is no limit to the LED Signs that can be installed throughout the car park. We work with you to provide the best solution for your needs and expectations