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Heathrow Airport, Terminal 3

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The UK’s busiest multi-storey car park required the latest technology to make it run more efficiently and effectively. Highlight was given the job to install our Bay Monitoring and Baywatch products.

Terminal 3 was the last of the Heathrow Short Stay Terminal car parks to get a parking solution installed, and we were privileged to be able to undertake this, in line with our other installations at Terminals 2, 4, & 5.

This car park consists of over 1300 spaces across 5 levels.

We used our optical system alongside our Baywatch solution, and had to work around a live environment to complete the installation, only having a certain number of bays closed off to us at any one time to allow our engineers to work,

With the continuous R&D carried out by our team, we managed to reduce the Bay Monitoring system from a 1 camera:1 bay solution to a 1 camera:3 bay one, thus reducing installation time, but still providing the same level of complete monitoring.

Our Baywatch solution was installed, with 2 touchscreen Kiosks installed alongside the payment machine. The system was customised to show the layout of the car park and a route to a located vehicle.

Messaging signs (VMS) were installed throughout the car park for driver information.

The back office system was updated to reflect the layout of the car park, enabling full monitoring and live information, as well as a remote facility for our engineers to connect in for support, upgrades etc.