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Heathrow Airport, Terminal 2

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As part of Heathrow’s major redevelopment, Terminal 2 was the first to be rebuilt. Highlight Parking was awarded the contract to install our newly designed Optical Bay Monitoring and Baywatch systems

With the demolishing of the incumbent Terminal 2 Queens building, and the design and development of the new Queens Terminal 2, an exciting opportunity arose for the installation of our Optical systems, which encapsulated the 21st century design of the new Terminal.

We installed VMS messaging boards at key decision point within the car park to aid drivers in locating spaces, and to also provide traffic information via the Back Office system. In addition, Open/Closed signage was installed at the entrance barriers.

For the Baywatch Car Finder installation, we customised our software to replicate the exact layout of each level of the car park so that we could provide not only a precise location, but also a highlighted route to the pinpointed car. Touchscreen kiosks were installed at each lift level of the car park.

This installation covered 2000 spaces over 4 levels, and was finished, tested and handed over in 4 months.  Remote capabilities enable a secure connection to the system from any web based PC, and ensures that we can support and maintain the system instantly.