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Bentall Centre, Kingston-Upon-Thames, Surrey

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Our first installation in this renowned Shopping Centre

Following on from a decision to demolish and rebuild one of their 2 car parks, the Management Team needed a system that would massively improve the efficiency and car turnover of the remaining car park. They awarded a contract to Highlight to install our newly designed ultrasonic Bay Monitoring solution.


The car park consisted of 700+ spaces, across 14 levels, with VMS signage on each level giving current and next level capacity updates. In addition, we installed a master sign at the entrance showing a level by level live space count.

The sensors were installed over the centre of the bay, with the corresponding 360 °light positioned on the edge of the space nearer the roadway, for a better visual impact. The back office system was located in the Car Park office, giving staff a full overview of space occupancy as well as historical data. The completed installation took 8 weeks, including commissioning.

In the weeks after the installation, the car park increased its capabilities by 20%, proving the systems worth.

We were awarded a further contract with The Bentall Centre to install our system in the second car park once it was built. During this installation, we married the 2 systems together, so that the Back Office team had a full overview of both car parks simultaneously