Our Baywatch Car Finder Solution puts an end to the ubiquitous car parking question –  ‘Where did I park?’

Baywatch® Car Finder System

Baywatch® is a unique system that allows motorists to pinpoint the exact location of their cars to a precise bay, anywhere in a Multi Storey Car Park. This prevents them getting lost and increases the overall efficiency of the parking system.

PinPoint Car Locations

In most MSCPs and certainly in larger ones such as airports or shopping centres, finding their cars is a continual source of annoyance to drivers who forget where their vehicle is parked. There are frequent instances of drivers walking around an MSCP level by level pressing their car key fob and waiting for a response. In many cases car park security are called upon by drivers who think their car has been stolen and/or are asked to assist in locating it wasting countless costly hours in the process.

Touch-Screen Technology

With Baywatch®, touch screen kiosks are located at strategic locations throughout the car park and by simply entering their registration number, a picture of the customer’s vehicle will be displayed, along with its exact position (e.g, Level 2, Bay 143) within the car park.

Baywatch can be installed independently of our Bay Monitoring solution, or can be incorporated into it, resulting in a technological breakthrough in car park management.

Benefits of Baywatch®

Customer satisfaction is an integral part of our business, and this is most definitely apparent in our Baywatch Car Finder solution.

Precise bay location

We provide the actual parking bay number, not just a zone or area – along with the quickest path to it.

Touch Screen Kiosks

Fully customer operated GUI – no need for MSCP staff interaction. We can provide as many Baywatch® Kiosks, as the MSCP requires.

Instant search on partial numbers

Baywatch can provide instantaneous search results with only a partial number plate. A live picture of the customer’s car is also shown for additional verification

Smartphone App

Customers can download the Baywatch app for their phones to provide “on the go” searching. This prevents lost cars, and the associated loss in revenue for the MSCP operator

Comprehensive Back Office System

Provides logs, reports and statistics via the supplied software, including real-time updates for car movements, parking or leaving.

Full support from our Technical Team

Telephone or email support from our dedicated team of back office experts, with on-site support as required