The future of parking detection

A.I. Bay Monitoring

Utilising the power of A.I. to deliver the next generation in Bay Monitoring

New Technology

It became clear to us that A.I. has a lot to offer the parking industry, and so was the next technological step. With 2 years of R&D invested into this technology, we have successfully created a truly world leading A.I. parking solution. Using the latest in Deep Learning techniques, we have produced our own set of custom models for vehicle detection.

With this, our Machine and Deep Learning algorithms enable the A.I. to identify, but not limited to:


Vehicle Make Traffic Flow Analysis
Vehicle Model Roadway Congestion
Vehicle Colour Litter Identification
Vehicle Registration People Counts
Unused Zones Repeat Customers



One internal camera is able to monitor 3 bays. The A.I. recognises a car as soon as it parks within the detection frame, and marks the space as occupied. In addition, the system has the added advantage of doubling up as an ANPR system. Our bespoke A.I. back office software stores all this information in real time, with a plethora of bay-based information available at any moment.

Any future modifications and upgrades are possible to improve accuracy and data analysis, for even greater detection efficiency and operational overview.

Data Review

Powerful database algorithms ensure that the car park operator is able to pull up unlimited historical car park information, enabling analysis of the utilised bays, traffic flows, favourite locations, repeat customers or whatever information is required, to help streamline the operation of the whole MSCP.

Progressive Learning

By design, our A.I. is continually learning which has a two-fold benefit for our systems: it reduces the time to complete tasks, as well as increasing detection accuracy. This organic learning means that our systems are the most efficient and effective solutions we have ever created, and they will only get better with each and every day, as the system gathers more data to absorb.

It can be trained to learn anything that the car park operator requires (e.g. length of time it takes a customer to leave; debris/litter, abandoned cars, left personal items, pest control (rats/birds etc), number of passengers; using parent parking without children etc).

This equates to a far more reliable, resilient and effective Bay Monitoring solution, far outweighing Ultrasonic and Optical based systems.

Benefits of A.I. Detection

The leap to an A.I. based solution from an Ultrasonic or Video based system will unlock new and exciting opportunities, all aimed at improving the operation of your parking operations.


Improved detection accuracy leading to more efficiency, superseding legacy solutions. Reduced errors, increased detection rate


The ability to simply change A.I. models for future requirements (i.e. detection of people, pest control), all without interrupting existing operations


Utilises existing customer HD cameras, or bespoke installations, all linked to the back office infrastructure.

Modular Design

Totally scalable – can be installed on 1 camera or 1000 cameras, all based around the initial brief.

Back Office System

Can be local or cloud based, with remote monitoring and administration

Full support from our Technical Team

Remote, Telephone or Email support from our dedicated team of back office experts, with on-site support if required