From the initial call, through installation and then on-going support, we manage the entire process of planning and implementing your Highlight solution

About Us

We are a world leading, innovative UK based company who have been at the forefront of the development of Multi-Storey car parking and parking information systems for over 15 years. We aim to provide world class, quality performance systems and solutions to improve the efficiency of any car park and to enhance the customer experience, taking the pain out of parking.

We continually strive to enhance our portfolio of products, whilst at the same time, maintaining the highest level of customer service. Our technical design team are continually pushing the boundaries of technology, for all our current systems as well as developing new systems, with a goal to improving the efficiency and effectiveness for our existing and future customers, covering all business sectors.

David Harrison

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Robert Harrison

Director & Co-Founder

Peter Gardner

Technical Director

Stephen Nottage

Project Manager

Tom Parker

Development Engineer

George Oprea

Field Engineer

Peter Fletcher

Field Engineer

Evelyn Harrison

Company Secretary

Why Highlight?



All of our products are designed, built and manufactured to the highest standard, whilst adhering to strict industry wide guidelines.


With 99.9% uptime, Highlight Parking systems run continuously with no need for human intervention.


We continuously strive to improve, modify and upgrade all of our systems as part of our ongoing effort to deliver the best possible solutions.


We provide full training, thorough handover documentation and a support team to guide you through any issues within an agreed SLA.